The scope of services we provide was based on three important foundations: experience, professional equipment and an innovative approach to the works carried out. We know that in emergency situations, one of the key elements is quick response, therefore, while putting our offer together, we take into account the availability and individual needs of the Client resulting from the conditions on the operated facilities.

The team’s many years of experience gained during completed projects allow us to move freely in areas such as the organization of: service, assembly, measurements, commissioning of devices and complete power installations. The scope of our offer in the field of services includes:

  • Warranty services – performed as substitute performance
  • Wide range of post-warranty services
  • Services provided under maintenance contracts
  • Non-standard maintenance services, tailored to the individual needs of the Client
  • Dry ice blasting

    We offer our Clients:

  • Modernization, overhaul and repair of electrical power facilities and devices
  • Repairs and diagnostics after emergency events – fast response time
  • Implementation of service contracts
  • Installations of HV, MV and LV electrical devices
  • pre-commissioning measurement and tests in the scope of post-assembly tests and interim operational tests
  • commissioning and functional tests of complete power installations
  • Configuration and commissioning of the widely understood power system protection,
  • Diagnostics of power lines
  • Audits, inspections and periodic warranty and post-warranty maintenance with the specification of the technical condition of electrical power devices
  • Defining intervals of necessary inspections depending on the environmental conditions in which the devices are operated
  • Prevention of activities: inspection as visual examinations and non-invasive examinations such as: thermovision measurements, acoustic examinations, laparoscopic examinations
  • Participation in FAT and SAT receptions as a support for our Clients
  • Carrying out maintenance works
  • Training