Experienced and qualified engineering and managerial staff and our own electroinstallation resources allow us to manage comprehensive project and also to implement of assembly works as a part of construction, modernization and renovation of electrical power and industrial facilities at all voltage levels (HV, MV, LV).

We provide professional execution of:

  • Temporary power supply for construction sites,
  • Power supply and control systems for strategic infrastructure and technological lines,
  • Lighting, utility power and sockets systems,
  • Equipotential, lightning and grounding systems,
  • Standby, emergency and guaranteed power supply systems,
  • Low-voltage systems: access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, fire detection and smoke removal, computer and phone networks,
  • Carring out field installation of I&C systems,
  • Installation of main and auxiliary cable traces,
  • Installation of HV, MV and LV cable systems,
  • Installation of electrical devices, control and measurement equipment