Our equipment base includes many professional devices for electric measuring such as for example:

Automatic Relay Test System for highly complex test tasks. 4 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs which can provide particularly high output power allow three-phase tests on static, digital and self-powered relays. It is used to carry out function tests and tests of configured starting and tripping characteristics, including any automatic reclosing functions of protection devices such as: Distance protection relays, Differential protection relays, DT/IDMT relays, Voltage and frequency relays.

Current transformer tester with current source up to 1000 A AC

High-accuracy micro-ohm meter for ohmic and inductive loads with four-wire measuring technology and high test currents of up to 100 A. It can be used to measure contact systems, winding resistances of transformers, motors and instrument transformers.

High voltage testing system AV-50/70 VLF – set of tools for testing any type of insulation by sinusoidal voltage up to 50 kV AC, rectified voltage up to 70 kV DC or cosine-rectamgular voltage up to 40 kV AC VLF.

Measuring device for determining operating times, contact synchronicity, sequence time and coil currents.
15 kV high performance diagnostic insulation tester.

Multifunction installation tester for testing low voltage electrical installations to the requirements of all IEC 60364 derived standards.

Step and contact voltage measuring system for testing and verification of protective earthing of power stations, substation and other power systems (MV and HV), included current source up to 50 A AC and power up to 13 kVA.