The team of experts of the measurement and commissioning group consists of experienced engineers and practitioners. It is the work of our qualified staff, equipped with professional measurment equipment, that guarantees our Clients the quality and safety of operation of electrical installations and devices.

We provide control and measurement works as well as post-assembly tests of electrical equipment and apparatus, electrical installations and networks, in particular:

  • Performing insulation tests,
  • Performing voltage tests,
  • Measurements with forcing primary values,
  • Shock protection tests for medium and high voltage,
  • Measurements of the electrical parameters of devices and functional tests,
  • Diagnostic tests of low and medium voltage power lines,
  • Measurements of LV, MV and HV switchgears in the scope of primary circuits (circuit breakers, disconnectors, isolation switches, earthing switches, busbar systems, current and voltage transformers) and secondary circuits (insulation resistance, correct connections, functional tests),
  • Measurements of grounding and lightning protection installations,
  • Regulatory and measurement works,
  • Tests, measurements and configuration of power system protection devices,
  • Interim checks of devices in operation,
  • Functional tests and commissioning.

Tests, measurements and configuration of power system protection devices.

Many years of experience of our employees allows us to carry out complex tasks in the field of power system protection, such as:

  • Creating a configuration for most types of protection relays available on the market,
  • Verification and setting of microprocessor-based power automation device with protection, station automation, bay controller, recording, measuring and other functions,
  • Verification and setting of the communication ports, protocols and others
  • Testing of protection functions, logic of operation and communication channels,
  • Configuration and commissioning of station automatics AS, AR, SCO, PDZ, LRW, ZS etc.,
  • Intermin checks of devices in operation.

Functional tests and commissioning works:
In the area of functional tests and commissioning works,we offer complete development of programmes and schedules of functional tests for power system protection devices systems, controls, interlocks and interconnections for individual switchgears, switchgears systems, entire blocks and power stations, performing functional tests according to the Client’s programmes, development and carrying out of commissioning tests, including generators.